In my 25 years of full-time practice of New York family and matrimonial law, I have guided people through life-changing events like separation, divorce, allegations of domestic violence, spousal maintenance and child custody and visitation and child support disputes. I have helped grandparents seeking visitation time with grandchildren. I have helped mothers and fathers who wish to relocate outside of New York with their children and have, where appropriate, helped parents prevent such relocations.

I have done many appeals of orders and judgments. I have practiced in Supreme Court and Family Court, most frequently in Manhattan (New York County) and Brooklyn (Kings County), but also in Queens and the Bronx. My clients run the gamut – straight, gay, married, unmarried, with children, without children, people in high-conflict situations who require immediate court intervention, as well as people whose situation lends itself to the amicable out-of-court resolution.

Most of my time is spent negotiating and helping people to resolutions. I have written and reviewed numerous agreements – prenuptial, separation, post-nuptial, settlement, post-judgment modifications of support and child custody.

The Mediation Alternative to Court

If you and your spouse have decided that you are on the path of divorce but you still get along reasonably well, you may be a candidate for mediation. In mediation, the couple itself decides the terms of their divorce/ separation, child support, custody and visitation arrangement, and all kinds of other issues, with the aid of a mediator. Rather than leave the most important decisions in your life to a judge who may not appreciate what makes your family unique, mediation allows you to chart your own course.

The road to a divorce through mediation differs from the usual divorce process. In divorce, it is typical for each party to start by retaining her or his own lawyer. By contrast, in mediation, the parties jointly retain the mediator with whom they meet, discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement regarding finances, support and child custody and visitation and any other issue. Is mediation right for you? Contact us today.